Patricia Ann Martin
Owner, Operator - Rolla Pub
Patricia Ann Martin | Owner, Operator - Rolla Pub

Patricia Ann Martin is the owner and operator of Rolla Pub, a pub that offers top quality pub services, including all types of beer and alcohol for people to socialize. The pub has gained critical praise from visitors, earning the following testimonials:

"The Rolla Pub is the most magical pub I have ever found. If you're a traveling musician this is a place well worth a stop. Patty (The owner) is an amazing woman with an amazing energy. If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. Go to the Rolla Pub!!"

  • Samantha Scott

"Can't believe it's been over a year since we've been there! Great place!!"

  • Maureen Stewart

"If unicorns existed, this is where you would find one!"

  • Brandon Havener

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Ms. Martin has made a name for herself by providing a top of the line beer destination in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, offering a place for people to mix and mingle, and thoughtfully selected beverages for them to enjoy. For those looking for an alternative to beer, Ms. Martin and her crew also offer an outstanding selection of wines, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. The pub also runs an Open Mic Night every Thursday. If you are looking for a magical and fun experience, then Rolla Pub is the place to be! 

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Rolla Pub was recently named the 'Best Pub Outside Vancouver' in the July 2016 edition of BC Magazine. The pub was also recognized in 2014, winning the second place award from the Northern BC Architectural Best Building.

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Patricia Ann Martin
Owner, Operator - Rolla Pub
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